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ATTENTION: Men ready to finally recover your sexual abilities

“Overcome Your ED And Supercharge Your Libido In The Next 10 Days WITHOUT Expensive Pills, Doctors Or Medical Devices”

If you’re a man who wants easier-to-get, harder, longer-lasting erections and a wildly exciting sex life, this may be the most important video you’ll watch all year.


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Would You Like To Achieve The Following?

  • Cure your ED in 10 days
  • Cure your ED permanently
  • Cure your ED naturally
  • Recover your sex-drive
  • Regain peak sexual ability
  • Get rid of performance anxiety
  • Improve your health
  • Reduce your biological age

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“Possibly The Most Comprehensive System For Overcoming ED Ever Created…”

10 Days | 9 Steps | 1 Fool-Proof Solution

I was just 26 years old when my problems first started…

After 3 weeks of intense flirting with this flawless, stunning brunette who loved to play hard to get, she invited me over to her place.

The door opened, and she pulled me in by the t-shirt.

Before I could react, her tongue was already half-way down my throat. She pulled me close. Instinctively my hands started working their way down the curves of her amazing body.

As we continued to make out, she slid her hands under my shirt. Her hands slowly rubbed my chest and upper body. Suddenly, her fingers circled the top button of my jeans. Waves of pleasure shot up my spine.

I was rock hard, ready to go.

It was game-on!

This was finally happening!

She whispered into my ear: ‘Let’s go to my bedroom!’

As kissing led to touching and heavy breathing led to passionate moaning, I could feel the tension building between us. We both knew what was about to happen.

Clothes flew off, one piece after the other. She looked me in the eyes as she pulled off my boxers. Bit my lip.

Still looking into my eyes, her hands wandered slowly up my legs to my crotch. Her hands kept moving up, until her fingers wrapped around my shaft..

..but suddenly the look on her face went from pleasure to pure confusion..

I didn’t get it. What was happening..?

I was going wild with sexual desire, bursting with excitement and was beyond ready for the moment I’d been waiting so long for..

…only to look down with shock and disbelief!

I was limp!

My penis was completely dead.

Not even half-erect… it was tiny!

What just happened..??

She tried every trick in the book to get me hard again.

She tried putting her amazing lips around it…

It didn’t work.

She tried using her hand. Going faster with every stroke. Tried both hands…

But it still didn’t respond.

She tried rubbing her boobs against it. Then her amazing, shaved, flawless crotch…

But nothing worked.

It was still lifeless.

What was going on with my body? I mean, she was practically perfect - a straight up 10!

And I still couldn't get it up.. My anxiety skyrocketed. I felt like a complete failure.

What was meant to be an unforgettable sexual experience…

…left my self-esteem in shambles.

I thought it was a one-time incident.

But it wasn’t. It kept happening again and again. And again.

No matter how badly I wanted to have sex or who I tried it with, it didn’t make a difference.

Because at the young age of 26…

I was suffering from severe Erectile Dysfunction.

This persisted for years.

My confidence and self-esteem was crushed to pieces.

My sex drive was non-existent.

I was a man with a big handicap.

My sexual self was simply…


If You’re Still Reading This, Then You Know What It Feels Like…

  • To be in bed with an amazing woman, both of you dying to get it on, just for your ‘junior’ to let you both down

  • To feel like you’ve ruined a perfect relationship because you couldn’t get it up

  • To disappoint her and make her feel like you weren’t attracted to her, simply because you couldn’t perform

  • To have your confidence and self-esteem decimated by yet another failed sexual attempt

  • To have your sexual energy vanish, like the air of a year-old party balloon

  • To even be on the verge of giving up sex because of all the frustrations

  • This Ends Right Here. Right Now.

    Here’s The Truth:

    ED Isn’t A Standalone Condition, It’s A Symptom Of A Body & Mind That’s

    Out Of Whack

    I was desperate to find a solution to my problems.

    So I started educating myself. I read every article online that I could come across. I read countless scientific studies. I spent days in online discussion forums, spoke to doctors, had blood tests taken, did a full medical checkup, checked my testosterone and even had my sperm count analyzed.

    I went beyond anything any rational person would have ever done because I was obsessed with finding the key to my sexual health. My sex life was THAT important to me.

    And you know what..?

    After more than 10 years of failed sexual attempts, researching, studying, experimenting, testing, failing, and trying again, I finally found the solution to my own ED and non-existent libido.

    The funny part?

    The solution I found was incredibly simple. It was literally right before my eyes the whole time!

    I discovered that I struggled with ED because my body and mind were out of whack!

    Simply Out Of Balance!

    And when I got my body and mind back in balance, guess what happened?

    Yeah, my sexual functions jumped back to life!

    I got morning erections again. I got daytime erections. I became sexually charged.


    Finally I was able to have normal sex again.

    In fact, it turned out I didn’t have ED after all.

    Wait, what..?

    Say that again..!

    Yeah - it all came down to one simple discovery:

    As long as I maintained my body and mind in balance, I also functioned sexually like I did at my peak.

    It was a shockingly simple revelation that was right in front of me this whole time..

    And the best part?

    I can probably help you overcome your ED and get your libido back as well.

    Because this discovery has enabled me to create a tried and tested system for naturally and permanently curing erectile dysfunction. In 10 days.

    Not 10 years. Nor 10 weeks. 10 Days!

    This is the exact system that enabled me, and already a large number of other men, to break free from ED and revitalize our sex drives.

    Want me to teach you this 3-step system for how you can also get there?

    Want to learn this easy-to-implement yet foolproof way of getting rock hard erections again?

    Want to function sexually like you did at your peak?

    What would that do for your life?

    The 3 -Step Approach To

    Permanently Overcome ED

    #1 - Reboot

    Reboot Your Sexual System

    When your sexual system is out of balance, step one is to reboot it. This means immediately cutting ties with all the actions that interfere with your sexual abilities, + onboarding exactly what your sexual system needs to thrive. Call it a healthy 'shock and awe'. 😄

    This includes cutting the ropes to porn, masturbation, and stress, while boosting sexual energy through your diet, exercise and stress management routines. The Reboot consists of 9 key principles. I’ll guide you through all of them, step-by-step, with easy-to-follow instructions.

    #2 - Rebalance

    Get It Back In Balance

    Rome wasn't built in one day. Resurrecting your sexual functions is neither a one-day job. To get the desired effect, you have to stick to the 9 principles over the next 10 days. This will give your system the opportunity to get back to its natural balance.

    You can also accelerate the process with a few tricks and boosters that I’ll share with you. And as you rebalance and get closer to equilibrium, you’ll start to see progress: Stronger nocturnal erections, an increase in sexual thoughts and desires, and spontaneous erections during the day.

    #3 - Maintain

    Maintain Your Sexual Equilibrium

    As you complete the Reboot and your sexual system finds its natural balance, you’ll normally experience an incredible sexual recovery. Consider this your sexual rebirth. 👍


    Think of this as your A-HA moment! The point where you can finally feel that your sexual abilities have returned to their old self. Then, it’s just a matter of maintaining these principles to keep yourself functioning like a sex-god.

    This is the exact 3-step system that took me from disappointment, anger, frustration - and no sex, to a state of sky-high confidence with an exciting sex life. It restored my sexual performance back to what it was when I was at my peak!

    To the very best of my knowledge, this is the ONLY way to overcome your erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.

    There is simply no other way than to get your body, your systems, your brain and your blood flow back in balance.

    You HAVE to regain and take back your health, in order to function optimally sexually.

    So are there any side-effects?


    A healthier body, lower biological age, a longer life, and a happier state of mind!

    Compare that with the side-effects of medications!

    The Reboot is 100% natural, proven to work and is designed to provide permanent results.

    Imagine If You Could…

  • Get rock hard erections whenever you wanted, so you could be an amazing lover - making her beg you for more 

  • Quit the pills and the planning, so you could finally have sex on your terms, when you feel like it, and with none of the negative side-effects

  • Let go of the anger and frustrations while welcoming happiness, gratefulness and peace

  • Stop worry about sex because you know you’d be able to get hard whenever you wanted

  • Regain your confidence and self-esteem as you would recover your true self from the past

  • Enjoy newfound supercharged sexual energy, making you feel like your strongest, most confident self

  • That’s Exactly What I’ll Help You Achieve In The Next 10 Days


    The 10 Day Reboot

    The Fastest Way To Permanently Overcome Your Sexual Frustrations

    10 Days | 9 Steps | 1 Fool-Proof Solution

    Just exactly what you need to permanently overcome your ED

    Reboot Your Sexual Engine And Supercharge Your Libido

    When you join the Reboot, I will virtually grab your hand.

    I will guide you, step-by-step through the entire course, so you can get the results as quickly as possible, and get the best results possible.

    First, I will give you all the background information you need before you start rebooting. Then I will take you through easy-to-follow instructions for each of the 10 days of the Reboot.

    And in the end, we will discuss how it went, and talk about the next step. I also offer a live chat with me to discuss your case in particular.

    Here’s What You’ll Get:

    My Personal Story With ED & A Faltering Libido

    (Value $197)

    To start things off, I will share my personal story of dealing with ED and a non-existent libido.

    You will learn when it first happened to me, how I reacted, feel my frustrations and learn what I did to try to find a fix.

    And you will learn how I found a solution to regain my sexual abilities and to fully recover my sexual confidence.

    You will understand my journey from start to end.

    The Reboot Explained

    (Value $197)

    Then I will explain exactly what the Reboot is and why most men with ED need to reboot.

    I will teach you how to reboot + I will explain the levels of progress you are likely to see as you get to day 4,5,6, etc. of the course.

    You will understand how and why the Reboot is 100% natural, and you will also learn about the many other health benefits of the Reboot.

    And you will grasp why it’s so important to reboot your systems to prevent your sexual functions from deteriorating further.

    The Key Fundamentals

    (Value $197)

    This chapter is optional. And if you’re in a rush - skip it!

    But if you really want to understand all the details of your sexual processes and systems, this chapter will fill in all the blanks.

    It will teach you everything you need to know about ED and libido.

    It will also teach you about the key neurotransmitters and hormones that together enable you to perform sexually.

    By the time you complete this chapter, you will be an expert on the topic!

    The 9 Reboot Principles

    (Value $597)

    Before you start the actual Reboot, I will take your hand and guide you through each of the 9 Reboot principles.

    I will explain why they are so important, and why rebooting them is paramount in order for you to perform sexually.

    Armed with this knowledge, you will now be fully equipped for success.

    You will now be ready.

    Ready to reboot.

    The 10 Day Reboot

    (value $1,497)

    The big day has come: The day of the Reboot!

    In this chapter, I will guide you through exactly what you need to do during each of the 10 days.

    For each day, I will provide you with easy-to-follow (yet thorough) instructions.

    Your job is super simple: Just follow the instructions.

    And if you do, the Reboot will start restoring your sexual systems.

    And the aim is that on day 10, you will have restored and recovered sufficiently to have normal, successful sex.


    (..but we’re not done yet!)

    For A Limited Time,

    You Will Also Get…

    Bonus #1: Natural Supercharger #1

    (Value $197)

    Supercharger #1 is a plant juice made of 2 ingredients that you can find at any fruit and vegetable store.

    It’s so simple, yet incredibly powerful.

    It supercharges your nitric oxide production, and can thereby produce mind-blowing erections.

    In addition, it supports your production of testosterone, which can further boost erections. 

    You will get the recipe, learn exactly why and how it works, and you will also get all the scientific research to back up the effects.

    “I was suddenly hit by ED at the age of 52. It was a terrible time as I had just met a wonderful younger woman and I panicked for fear of losing her.

    It's been two months since I made the changes I learned, and I am now again able to have erections and function sexually. Thank you for the incredible value you have provided with Truelibido!”


    “I have struggled with ED for a few years. And I have tried several remedies to overcome my ED, including pharmaceutical drugs, PRP therapy and shockwave treatment.

    However, Truelibido has given me two discoveries that have helped my ED tremendously. By taking supplements and being active, I have again been able to get erections and have sex just like I did before.”


    Bonus #2: Natural Supercharger #2

    (Value $197)

    Supercharger #2 is a plant juice made of 3 ingredients.

    This incredibly powerful juice activates your sexual switch by boosting the production of 3 key elements:

    Hydrogen sulfide

    • Nitric oxide

    • Testosterone

    It can produce mighty impressive erections.

    You will get the recipe, learn exactly why and how it works, and you will be presented with all the scientific research supporting the effects.

    Bonus #3: Private Facebook Community

    (Value $297)

    When you join the Reboot, not only will you get access to a proven system for overcoming your ED and rejuvenating your libido..

    You will also get ongoing support.

    You will get access to the Truelibdo private Facebook community where you can interact with thousands of other active members.

    You can ask any question you want, connect with men in the same situation as you, share your story, even provide help to others.

    I am also personally active, helping answer questions and guiding members in their quest to improve their sex lives.

    “I’m 65 years young and after two years alone, I decided to start dating again. I met a nice lady but I ran into a problem. Things down there weren’t working.

    In search of a natural method, I came across TrueLibido and starting putting everything I learned into action. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was amazed to see that I started getting erections again! It wasn’t dead! Thank you for giving me hope again!”



    (..but you won’t be paying that!)

    And You’ll Get Even More…


    Do you want to dig even deeper?

    If so, come check out Truelibido, the website. It contains more than 200,000 words worth of further in-depth information, guides, and scientific research. Btw, a book of 200,000 words would be about 1,000 pages.

    In addition, you will find weekly news reports about what is happening in the world of male sexual health.

    I have spent more than 3,000 hours researching and creating Truelibido. It is by many considered the most comprehensive resource on erectile dysfunction and male libido problems that exists anywhere.

    So if you are keen to further understand the world of ED and male libido, enter Truelibido.

    “I highly recommend. This is the most comprehensive source I have found for research related to ED and male health. The founder really knows his stuff and is living it completely.

    His 10-day reboot is full of all the latest research on male health and has practical ways to incorporate them into your daily life. Don’t miss out!”


    “Just as a beautiful woman came into my life, I realized that I could not get an erection. The impotence lasted an entire month.

    As with most cases of ED, the causes of it were many: including low vitamin D, low hemoglobin and low potassium. But I followed the course of TrueLibido’s solution (admittedly, a bit out of order) and it restored my erectile function.”


    Supplements Store

    Over the last few years, I have received a lot of emails from men asking me for links to the supplements that I have used, so that they could buy the same ones.

    After sending out boatloads of links to various people, I realized that there was a need for a marketplace where people could go and buy these supplements.

    The supplements that actually work!

    Therefore I created a SHOP on Truelibido where you find a description of my favorite supplements, and also links to where you can purchase them.

    You can now use the exact same supplements as I have taken. And still take.

    What Would It Be Worth To You

    To Break Free From ED?

    And function sexually like you did at 21?

    Would It Be Worth $3,376?

    Would it be worth this amount if the solution was permanent and 100% natural?

    Would you be happy paying this if you - for the rest of your life - could be unstoppable in bed?

    Would it?

    Imagine… If you never again had to worry about ‘getting it up’?

    What would you give for this?

    I want to help you. In fact, I want to help as many men worldwide as possible, regain their sexual abilities.

    This removes anger, bitterness and sadness from the world. It makes the world a better place. Overcoming my ED made my world a happier place.

    Therefore, I am practically going to give the Reboot away. For a limited time only, you won’t have to pay half of the value of the Reboot. Not even 10%.

    I am literally going to give it away..

    Overcome Your ED For Good In The Next 10 Days

  • My Personal Story With ED (Value $197)

  • The Reboot Explained (Value $197)

  • The Key Fundamentals (Value $197)

  • The 9 Reboot Principles (Value $597)

  • The Full 10 Day Reboot (Value $1,497)

  • BONUS #1: Natural Supercharger #1 (Value $197)

  • BONUS #2: Natural Supercharger #2 (Value $197)

  • BONUS #3: Private Facebook Community (Value $297)

  • Lifetime Access To All Updates (Priceless)

  • TOTAL VALUE: $3,376

    Today’s Price: $497 $197

    Starting Out


    • Get 3 Course Lesson For FREE
    • Understand The Reboot
    • See If This Is For You👍
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    Video Course + Consultation


    • Complete 10-Day Reboot
    • Overcome Your ED
    • Recover Your Libido
    • One Hour Call With Me
    • 62 Videos
    • 5 Bonuses
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Let Me Make Your Decision Simple.

    My Get Hard Or Get it Free


    I’m going to make this a no-brainer for you by taking away 100% of the risk. If for any reason at all you aren’t satisfied with the 10 Day Reboot - whether it’s because you aren’t a fan of the step-by-step approach, you don’t like the sound of my voice, or you don’t find your erections and libido running on overdrive, just send me a message and I’ll give you all your money back.

    I'll even let you keep the program for FREE. Because I only want you to pay for the Reboot if you get the results that I know are achievable.

    Give yourself the opportunity to live a life filled with sexual confidence: Try the Reboot with our 100% risk-free guarantee for the next 30 days.

    Finally Reclaim Your Sexual Abilities, Regardless Of…

  • …your age. You might think that you’re too old – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re 22 or 72, the Reboot can help you revitalise your sexual abilities. Many men in their 60’s and 70’s have already recovered their sexual functions after having gone through this course.

  • …if you’re overweight. If that’s you, then this should give you even more reason to join the program. Because as you follow the Reboot and implement the simple changes you’ll learn, you’ll most likely also start to shed the excess weight as you get your mind and body back in balance – giving you double the value.

  • …if you’ve binge-watched porn for years. Excess porn use can cause semi-permanent changes in your brain. This is a common cause of ED for millions of men. The Reboot will give your brain a chance to reverse these damages and heal your sexual abilities.

  • …if you’re diabetic. Men with diabetes (type 2) statistically struggle with ED 15 years earlier than non-diabetic men. But the Reboot can help you overcome both issues, as both often have the same underlying problem: An unhealthy lifestyle.

  • …if you’re a smoker. Smokers are up to 40% more likely to struggle with ED. The Reboot will help you quit smoking and improve your health, giving your body a chance to get back to optimal performance.

  • …if you haven’t functioned sexually for years. The chances are that in that case, you’ve also probably kept your body and mind out of balance during all these years too. With the reboot, we’ll bring your body back into balance and breathe life back to your sexual functions.

  • …if you have sexual performance anxiety. This anxiety can make it very difficult to function sexually, because the worry that you may not get hard can, by itself, cause you to go limp. But as you start to see progress, your confidence will grow and your anxiety will normally fade away.

  • No Matter Who You Are - We’ll Help You Permanently Overcome Your ED

    Overcome Your ED For Good In The Next 10 Days

  • My Personal Story With ED (Value $197)

  • The Reboot Explained (Value $197)

  • The Key Fundamentals (Value $197)

  • The 9 Reboot Principles (Value $597)

  • The Full 10 Day Reboot (Value $1,497)

  • BONUS #1: Natural Supercharger #1 (Value $197)

  • BONUS #2: Natural Supercharger #2 (Value $197)

  • BONUS #3: Private Facebook Community (Value $297)

  • Lifetime Access To All Updates (Priceless)

  • TOTAL VALUE: $3,376

    Today’s Price: $497 $197

    Starting Out


    • Get 3 Course Lesson For FREE
    • Understand The Reboot
    • See If This Is For You👍
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    Video Course + Consultation


    • Complete 10-Day Reboot
    • Overcome Your ED
    • Recover Your Libido
    • One Hour Call With Me
    • 62 Videos
    • 5 Bonuses
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers To Questions That Men Like You Have Asked

  • When Does The Course Start And Finish?

    When you make the purchase, you will get instant access to the entire Reboot program. While the course is designed to be completed in 10 days, you will have lifetime access to the entire program including all future updates.

  • How Long Will It Take To Finish The Course?

    I advise spending a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with the content of the course. A good suggestion would be to spend a couple of hours watching the introductory and background videos before getting started with the 10-day Reboot. The Reboot itself takes 10 days, so all in all you may need 11 or 12 days to complete the course.

  • Can I Pay With PayPal?

    Yes of course! On the checkout page under the “Payment Information” section, just switch from the Credit Card tab to the PayPal tab, and you can pay with Paypal.

  • Are The Results Really Permanent?

    I can’t promise permanent results to anyone. That said, I’ve followed and maintained the principles in this program for more than 5 years. And during these years, I’ve been ED free and my libido has been super strong. As long as you maintain the principles in the Reboot diligently, you have a very good chance of functioning very well sexually for as long as you want.

  • Do I Need Any Specific Equipment Or Tools?

    Not at all. All you need to complete the program is access to a computer and a willingness to learn. During the program, I also recommend certain foods and supplements that you can easily get from your local store.

  • Does The Course Start On A Specific Date?

    No, it does not. You can start the course whenever you want. You take it when you are ready. The only time commitment you need is 10 consecutive days for going through the course.

  • What If I Need Some Extra Help?

    If you have any questions or need any additional help to implement the strategies that you’ll learn, just email me at [email protected] truelibido.com and I’ll be here to help.

  • What Do You Mean By 100% Natural?

    The Reboot is based 100% on healthy lifestyle adjustments. It involves no pharmaceutical pills, no medications, no implants, nothing artificial and nothing unnatural.

  • How Do I Access The Material?

    When you join the Reboot, you’ll receive an email that contains all the instructions you need to get started.

  • What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

    My main goal is to ensure that you get results from the program. Therefore, if for any reason at all you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, just contact me at [email protected] within the first 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund – no question asked.

  • Finally Overcome Your ED, For Good.

    Overcome Your ED For Good In The Next 10 Days

  • My Personal Story With ED (Value $197)

  • The Reboot Explained (Value $197)

  • The Key Fundamentals (Value $197)

  • The 9 Reboot Principles (Value $597)

  • The Full 10 Day Reboot (Value $1,497)

  • BONUS #1: Natural Supercharger #1 (Value $197)

  • BONUS #2: Natural Supercharger #2 (Value $197)

  • BONUS #3: Private Facebook Community (Value $297)

  • Lifetime Access To All Updates (Priceless)

  • TOTAL VALUE: $3,376

    Today’s Price: $497 $197

    Starting Out


    • Get 3 Course Lesson For FREE
    • Understand The Reboot
    • See If This Is For You👍
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    Video Course + Consultation


    • Complete 10-Day Reboot
    • Overcome Your ED
    • Recover Your Libido
    • One Hour Call With Me
    • 62 Videos
    • 5 Bonuses
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee